You can add a column to your importer directly through the UI of your Fuse account, or you can do so in code using the documentation below.

The Boolean column accepts “true” and “false” as values. It supports functionalities such as:

  • Auto-transform 0/1 to true/false
  • Auto-transform No/yes to true/false

addColumn Function

The addColumn function accepts an object as an argument.

  • internal_key (String) - required: The internal key used to access a column’s value.
  • label (String) - required: The user-facing column label that is shown in the interface.
  • column_type (String) - required: Should be “boolean”.
  • required (String) - required: Whether or not the column is required.
  • position (Optional): The position or order of the column.

Example Code

const importer = new FuseImporter(organizationApiKey, importerId);

  internal_key: "my_boolean",
  label: "My Boolean",
  column_type: "boolean",
  required: true,
  position: 1,