There are three ways to get data from Fuse into your system:

  • API (pull): Recommended for most use cases.
  • Record Webhooks (push): Recommended only when your system needs to support backend validations.
  • Incognito Mode (manual submission): If for some reason your organization is unable to send data to Fuse servers, you can turn on Incognito Mode and submit data using the onSubmit hook.

API Access

For most situations, accessing import data via the API is the best way to get data out of Fuse and into your own database.

API access can be used in conjunction with Status Webhooks to get into your system right after it has been uploaded.

Record Webhooks

Record Webhooks are processed in real time as the user is submitting an import. Record Webhooks are the recommended method if your system needs to pass backend validation errors back to the importer. Note that Accepting large amounts of data by webhook can be more complex than pulling data into your system by API.

Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode should only be used if your organization is unable to send data to Fuse servers (despite our exhaustive security efforts). When Incognito Mode is enabled, you can use the onSubmit hook to submit data directly to your servers, bypassing the submission to Fuse.