Developers can add bulk action functionality to the importer using Custom Actions. See the preview below for an example.


The addCustomAction function accepts an object as an argument with the following properties:

  • action_type (String) - required: Currently must be set to “record”.
  • name (String) - required: A succinct description of the action.
  • handler (Function) - required: A function that takes a record and manipulates it when the action is performed.

Custom actions are hidden in the UI until you select a row in the spreadsheet.

Example Code

const importer = new FuseImporter(organizationApiKey, importerId);

  actionType: "record",
  name: "Generate ID",
  handler: (record) => {
    record['id'] = Math.random();
    return record;


What a custom action called “Generate ID” would look like.

Custom Actions Preview