Translations (i18n)

Guide to using other languages.
Fuse has official support for the following languages: German, French, Spanish, English.
The system automatically applies the chosen language based on your browser's language configuration.
The following images shows how to apply this configuration:


Click on settings on your top right
Then, type "Language" in the search bar:
Go to "Preferred Languages"
By clicking on "Add Language", you can search and add your favorite one:
After that, you can click on the context menu and move the added language to the top:
By setting your favorite language, based on the supported list, you can go to Fuse's importer section and see that all the text strings are translated to your desired language.


The configuration looks the same as Chrome.
Click on the top right corner menu icon, and go to "Settings":
Search for "Languages"
Click on the option "Search for more languages"
Type your desired language, for example "Deutsch", click on "Add", then the "ok" button.
Don't forget to move it up in order to make it your browser's default option:
Restart your browser, and your importers section will be translated:


On your Mac, choose Apple menu
> System Settings, click General
in the sidebar:
Then click Language & Region on the right. (You may need to scroll down.)
Choose "Safari" as the application option, and then click on the "Language" dropdown:
Choose your desired language:
Make the chosen language the default:
Restart your browser by choosing "Relaunch now":
Then, check Fuse's page: