Customize the Importer

Guidance on customizing your importer.
Our Get Started guide allows you to customize your importer to match your branding for a seamless experience.
  • Simply click the Customize Importer button...
  • ...or click Branding in the left-hand menu.
Regardless of the method chosen to get there, the Branding page will open. On the Branding page, you can customize colors, add a logo, and set a background, all to better match your website or application.
  1. 1.
    First, add your company/product logo in the Brand Logo Upload box. Click Upload Image, and browse to the location of the image.
Upload Image
2. Next, select the colors that represent your organization/product/brand. Each color will open a gradient color selector, save the Background option, which currently offers three options.
  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Light Tan
Color Selection
3. You can see a quick preview of the changes made on the preview screen.
Quick Preview

Full Preview

Once your branding selections have been made, you can get a fully functional preview of your importer by selecting the preview option on the Importers page.
Here you can see the logo applied and the colors selected in a fully functional preview of the importer, including the import you selected the preview from.
Full Preview 1
You can even import a basic CSV to test out the results and see additional colors such as the column highlights in action.
Sample CSV import
As you can see, Flatirons Fuse has provided you with everything you need to make our solution your own.