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Creating an Account

The first step to getting started with Flatirons Fuse, as with most products/applications, is to create an account. To create an account or log on, click Sign In from our website.
Sign In
To go directly to registration, click the below link:
Provide the details requested to create your account and click Sign Up. Alternatively, sign up with your Github account and Flatirons Fuse will take any required account details from Github.
Sign Up with email or Github
An email will be sent to the email provided in your account details or the email address associated with your Github account.
Check your email
Log into your email account and find an email with the subject Confirmation Instructions from Flatirons Fuse. Click the button provided within.
Click Confirm Email
A message stating that your account is confirmed will appear, along with a prompt to sign in.
Registration Confirmed
Click Sign in, and provided your account creation was recent, you will be automatically logged in and taken directly to Flatirons Fuse. Otherwise, you may be taken to our log-in page to provide your recently created credentials. Either way, you are ready to begin your journey with Flatirons Fuse.

Logging In

After registration, simply click Sign In from our website. You should be taken to our Sign In page, where you can simply enter your credentials, or sign in with Github.
Login Page
If Sign In with Github is selected, you will be taken to Github to sign in.
Github Sign in
If you are taken to the registration screen, you can simply click on the "Already have an account? Sign In" prompt at the bottom.

Creating a Importer

You are now registered and logged in, and ready to take your first steps with FlatIrons Fuse. Let's create our first importer.